Our relationships with family, colleagues, partners and friends are an important part of our lives. When there are problems or even a breakdown in a key relationship, we may feel distressed.

If we are unable to repair the problems and issues in our relationships it can be confusing. Common experiences around relationship difficulties include:  not understanding the other person’s reactions to us;  feeling that we do not receive the understanding we need; the realization that we are not able to progress in our careers; and in our romantic relationships, we may repeatedly experience a breakdown in communication.

It may help to discuss your relationships with a psychotherapist who is trained in counselling and helping individuals and couples.

Some of the specific areas where a therapist can help are:

• considering how we feel about our relationships
• examining and dealing with what’s working and what’s not
• considering why some relationships seem to fall apart in the same way
• developing the ability of both people to really relate to one another
• developing effective communication between both people.